A 3 year extended warranty for your product. This warranty will cover your product in cases of manufacturer defects and breakage from normal wear and tear. This warranty will ensure if your product fails within the warranty guidelines and timeline we will replace it for free. You just pay shipping!

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In addition to our Manufacturer Limited Warranty, buyers of this warranty shall be provided with an Extended Warranty through Southwest Performance Parts for a period of three (3) years after date of purchase. Designed to commence at the completion of the normal warranty period to continue your products protection for an additional length of time.

Extended Warranty covers any manufacturing defects including hardware and electronic components. Extended Warranty also covers replacement of parts due to wear and tear that were properly installed and used as directed in product installation manual. Damage due to negligence, misuse, fire, or improper installation by user is not covered. Negligence, misuse, or improper installation of any products may void the Extended Warranty. Extended Warranty cover the cost and replacement of the item only and does not cover any shipping or labor costs incurred by the customer. Southwest Performance Parts reserves the right to make the final decision on whether any Extended Warranty claim is valid.

Extended Warranty available only when purchased with new and eligible Southwest Performance and A-Team Performance brand parts. Extended Warranty must be purchased at time of purchasing product(s) eligible for the Extended Warranty. NO product(s) may have their standard warranty extended or the additional Extended Warranty added to a product after time of purchasing. Extended Warranty is nontransferable and stays with the customer and product(s) with which it was originally purchased.

This Extended Warranty does NOT cover the cost of shipping for replacement and returned parts. The customer is responsible for the payment of any and all shipping costs incurred for items returned or replaced under the Extended Warranty. Southwest Performance Part reserves the right to be the ultimate decision maker in whether a product is eligible for replacement under the Extended Warranty.