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A-Team Performance LS LSX LS1 LS2 LS6 LM7 Stainless Steel Steam Vent Hose Kit -4 AN Complete Coolant Crossover


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A-Team Performance LS LSX LS1 LS2 LS6 LM7 Stainless Steel Steam Vent Hose Kit -4 AN Complete Coolant Crossover
Installing steam vent reliefs on in all four corners of the engine has been proven to limit detonation in chambers 7 & 8.  This kit is a Must for High Mileage & High HP Engines.
LS family of engines LS1 LS2 LS6 LM7. (Will not fit Fast Intakes)
-4AN Anodized Stainless Steel Aluminum Steam Vents with Hardware & Hoses for Front & Rear Venting. Complete Kit ready to install. Lightweight 6061 AN aluminum fittings provide Maximum Flow & Teflon Tape is not Required.
3 – -4AN T-Fitting Female/Male Coupler
4 – -4AN Steam Vent Fitting
7 – -4AN hose end fittings
2′ – Open end nylon hose to attach to your radiators existing steam vent port.
-4 nylon braided hose with bursting strength at 1,500 #. Cut to the correct length. Fittings installed to supply to your front and rear Steam Vents.
Enough Hoses to route all fittings into one complete kit.
Some vehicles may have 3/8″ barb fitting on their radiators. See below for a few solutions.
1) Apply WD-40 to the hose and push hard. try like heck to slip the -4 hose over the larger barb with some WD-40
2) Stretch the hose overnight and/or apply some heat
3) Buy a -4 to -6 hose adapter hose with fittings.
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