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A-Team Performance EFI 84-95 Dual Connector E-Core Ignition Coil Compatible with GM/CHEVY V6 / V8 TBI SBC BBC


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A-Team Performance GM/CHEVY EFI 84-95 Dual Connector E-Core Ignition Coil V6 / V8 TBI SBC BBC

Our GM E-Core ignition coils are the top coils on the market today, featuring magnetic steel cores specially designed to deliver up to 15% more spark than OEM. They use a high resistant epoxy material for added resistance to shock and vibration at high RPM

  • Coil Style – E-core
  • Primary Resistance – 0.68 ohms
  • Secondary Resistance – 4.0k ohms
  • Spark Duration – 300 uS
  • Max Voltage – 44,000 Volts
  • Peak Current – 220mA
  • Turn Ratio – 75:1
  • Inductance – 5.6 mH
  • Mounting Bracket – Included

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