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A-Team Performance 65K COIL HEI Distributor Black Cap, Red Spark Plug Wires Set, and Pigtail Wiring Harness 3-in-1 Kit for Straight 6 41-62 194 216 235 68-87 Early Chevrolet


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A-Team Performance 65K COIL HEI Distributor, Spark Plug, and Pigtail Compatible With Straight 6 41-62 194 216 235 68-87 Early Chevrolet Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 2F 3F Black Cap 3-in-1 Kit

Key Features:
Complete HEI Distributor – One Wire Installation, Black Cap
CNC Machined – and Polished Aluminum Shaft, and a Chrome Moly Gear
Coil Spark of 7,500 Rpm – With High Voltage of Up to 65,000
Spark Plug (Red) – Black 90-degree Boot for HEI Distributor, 90-degree Boot for HEI Distributor and Black Straight Boot for Spark Plug
Pig Tail Harness – Color Coded, Easier to Identify the Tachometer and Battery Connections – the Green Wire is for the Tachometer, the Red Wire is for the Battery.

Kit Inclusions
A-Team Performance HEI Distributor Black Cap
A-Team Performance Red Silicone Spark Plug Wires
A-Team Performance 170072 HEI Distributor Battery and Tachometer Pigtail Harness

GM Inline 6 (1962 And Earlier)
3.2 L / 194 ci
3.5 L / 216 ci
3.9 L / 235 ci
4.3 L / 261 ci

Toyota Inline 6 (1968-1987 Land Cruiser)
3.9 L / 3,878 cc “F”
4.2 L / 4,230 cc “2F”

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