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A-Team Performance HEI Distributor, 8.0mm Spark Plug Wires, and Battery-Pigtail Harness Kit For Early Chevrolet Straight 6 41-62 194 216 235 68-87 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 3F Red Cap


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A-Team Performance HEI Complete Distributor 65K Coil Compatible With Early Chevrolet Straight 6 41-62 194 216 261 235 68-87 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ60 2F 3F One Wire Installation Red Cap
Packed with design and build features, our HEI distributor offers a whole lot of bang for your buck. A CNC machined billet aluminum housing ensures a perfect fit, harden steel internals ensure stability and long-lasting performance. Its high-output ignition module and powerful 65,000-volt coil mean that you’ll have everything you’ll need to power your high-performance engine. With adjustable mechanical and vacuum advances and a simple one-wire hookup, easy is an understatement.

Compatible With:
GM Inline 6 (1962 And Earlier)
3.2 L / 194 ci
3.5 L / 216 ci sometimes referred to as “216.5” or “217”
3.9 L / 235 ci sometimes referred to as “235.5” or “236”
4.3 L / 261 ci

Toyota Inline 6 (1968-1987 Land Cruiser)
3.9 L / 3,878 cc “F”
4.2 L / 4,230 cc “2F”

8.0mm Red Silicone Spark Plug Wire Set:
Wires are made for HEI Distributors 90 Degree Boot on the Distributor side and, Black Straight Boot for Spark Plug Side. For Coil-in-Cap “HEI” Design System. High-temperature tolerance and is made of 100% pure silicone insulator for the outer layer. Spiral-Wound Copper Conductor has Extremely Low Resistance combined with extremely high EMI suppression.

HEI Pigtail Harness:
HEI Distributor Battery and Tachometer Pigtail Harness Eliminates the need for obsolete spade terminals that can fall off and kill your ignition. Color coded to make it easy to identify the tach and battery connections. Locking tab and shark fin ensure a tight positive fit and a reliable connection between your wiring and HEI. Made of high-temperature plastic rated at more than 250 degrees. Two 7″ leads for easy installation and a clean connection.

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