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A-Team Performance HEI Distributor 65K Volt Coil Buick Big Block BB 400 430 455 One Wire Installation Black Cap


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A-Team Performance Big Block Buick HEI Distributor BLACK Cap 400 430 455 65K VOLT COIL

A-Team Performance HEI distributors are a great addition to any engine. These units feature high output modules with low saturation coupled with a 65,000 volt coil for higher spark energy over stock distributors. With higher spark output these distributors maximize combustion efficiency for more power and less plug fouling.

The distributors offer longer-term durability with dual bushing construction, hardened steel gears, and solid brass terminals. Easy one wire hookup and adjustable vacuum advance make for a quick precise installation.

Fits Big Block Buick V8 400ci engines from 1967-69, and 430/455ci V8 engines.


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