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A-Team Performance GM 3 Piece Hydro-Boost Repair Kit Seal Leak Repair Universal Kit Compatible with Chevy, GMC, Dodge and Ford


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A-Team Performance GM 2771004x Hydro-Boost 3 Piece Repair Kit

3 Piece Universal Seal Leak Repair Kit. If you have a power steering leak on your rig between the Hydroboost and MC in the weep hole. This seal kit is exactly what you need to repair it fast! These seals are the common failure points on Bendix Units. This repair can be done by following the directions we provide and or watching videos online. These leaks are not usually your PS pump/reservoir, instead just this seal.

This kit Repairs Bendix and many other Hydro-Boost units. Works for 100’s of applications including Ford, GM, Dodge, Chrysler. Don’t replace your Hydro-Boost unit! This kit includes the 3 Seals that are most commonly replaced.

Step by Step Instructions included with each kit, however, all hydro boost units are different. The best way to get step by step instructions is to google your year make and model and see if someone has done the rebuild. The instructions are pretty general but anyone with any technical ability should be able to repair. 

This is for the 3 Piece Repair Kit and does not include include metal star washer and other metal washers for replacement if you need these components please our other KIT-501 for a complete repair kit!

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