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A-Team Performance Proportioning Valve Disc Drum Under Floor / Bottom Mount Kit


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A-Team Performance Universal Bottom Mount Disc Drum Proportioning Valve Kit

Hot rod Universal Brass Bottom Mount Proportioning Valve Kit(Disc Drum Bottom Mount for the master cylinders, ideal for confined spaces or down on the frame.)

  • 2 Steel Pre-Bent Lines with 9/16 1/2″ fittings on each end
  • Made to mount up below a master cylinder
  • This kit also comes with a Zinc Coated bottom mount proportioning valve bracket
  • Brake Light Warning Switch
  • Hardware to mount it.

If you have any questions please feel free to message us, we are happy to provide technical support for the products that we sell!

The perfect compliment to your disc/drum brake setup. This proportioning valve (also known as a combination valve) helps proportion the amount of pressure sent to the front and rear brakes, helping prevent rear lock-up.

Please note that this valve has:

(2) 3/8-24″ ports for the front left and right calipers and
(1) 9/16-18″ port for the rear brakes.

The fitting sizes may be different on your vehicle.
You may need adapters for the valve to work.
Will it work? YES but please make sure you have these line sizes or have adapters ready to install if you need to.


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