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A-Team Performance Small Block Ford SBF Windsor V8 351W R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor Two-Wire Installation Black Cap


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A-Team Performance R2R Ready 2 Run Complete Distributor Compatible With Small Block Ford SBF 351W Two-Wire Installation Black Cap

Integrated Module
Requires an external coil

Ready-to-Run distributors are the perfect upgrade for outdated points distributors or bulky HEI distributors. A maintenance-free magnetic pickup accurately triggers this ignition. The increased output of the internal ignition easily outperforms stock ignitions and will smooth out the engine’s idle, improve starting and provide a much higher RPM range. For stability and endurance, an over-sized steel shaft spins in a top-mounted sealed ball bearing while an extra-long sintered bushing guides the shaft at the base of the housing. Features an adjustable mechanical advance which allows you to custom-tailor an ignition curve to match your engine’s needs. There is also a vacuum advance canister to help improve the economy.

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