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All Parts Ship FREE in Continental USA! 📦



Tell us about yourself...

"I grew up in southeastern WI near Milwaukee and have always had the drive to figure out how things work and how to put things together. I started working on cars with my dad when young doing simple things like brakes and tune ups.

I bought my first project car, a 1976 Jeep CJ5 Levi edition when I was 14. The previous owner seized the motor up and proceeded to take the entire jeep apart to restore it which never happened. I brought it home in several trailer loads of parts and my parents were not happy that I took over their garage. Over the next several years as money allowed, I put that jeep back together and have been restoring and rebuilding cars ever since."


Q. What current projects are you working on?
A. I just finished a full ground up street rod build on a 1951 chevy truck. I am now restoring a 1945 dodge truck that has its original engine now paired to a later dodge overdrive transmission with a dual 1bbl intake and exhaust. I’m also working on a 1935 Ford truck that is going to end up with a stroked for flathead mated to a t5 trans and sitting on a custom chassis.


Q. Tell us how you got into working on cars. What makes you a car enthusiast? 

A. I got introduced to the hobby of working on cars with my dad. Growing up he always had a classic or muscle car around, anything from the 20's and 30’s up to the early 70’s. I caught the “bug” at an early age and am always reading about or looking for that next car or project. I always try to learn new things either about the history of something or simply how something goes together. I have a “bad” habit of buying cars that have been partially torn apart and enjoy the challenge of figuring out how it all goes back together. I think an enthusiast is anyone with a passion or interest in the car hobby. I know may enthusiasts who don’t own or work on any cars but enjoy going to shows and seeing them and learning about them. It is a great way to meet really good people.

Q. What tactics have been most helpful to you when starting a project? (i.e. what helps you get organized, stay on budget, etc)

A. Like everything these days, the cost of things keeps going up, so it is important to build a budget even before I buy a vehicle. Different makes and models cost more or less to restore and depending on the value of a restored car, it may make sense to simply buy a finished car and modify it to your taste, rather than taking on a full restoration. It is also important to know where you want to take a car. Are you planning to restore it all original or make it a modern street rod?

Q. What SWPP parts have you purchased and what project have they helped you with?

A. I have used several SWPP parts recently. I have installed 2 of the small cap RTR billet aluminum distributors, 1 for an Oldsmobile 350 in a friend's cutlass, and 1 in my 1951 chevy truck street rod. Both ran and worked great. I’ve also installed one of the billet serpentine drive systems for the SBC which went together and looked great. The last thing I have used is one of the basic universal wire harnesses for my 1945 dodge truck which I upgraded to 12v with an alternator.

Q. What's your favorite car show?

A. It is difficult to have 1 favorite, simply because of the variety of cars that I have an interest in. I

really enjoy the Iola old car show here in Wisconsin because of the variety of cars and parts you

can see, anything from the 20’s up through the 80’s.

Q. If you had unlimited money, what vintage car project would you work on? 

A. This is a really tough question. The horsepower nut in me wants to say a Hemi Cuda or Superbird, but the classic lover in me says something like an Auburn Speedster or Cabriolet.

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