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A-Team Performance Pro Series Ready to Run R2R Distributor For AMC Jeep 232 242 258, I6 Engine, Blue Cap


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A-Team Performance Pro Series Ready to Run R2R Distributor Compatible With AMC Jeep 232 242 258 I6 Engine Blue CapA-Team Performance Pro Series Ready to Run Distributor is perfect for a street performance ignition upgrade. It features a CNC-machined billet aluminum body and hardened steel shaft, with a sealed ball bearing on top and a sintered steel bushing on the bottom. It also comes with a fully adjustable mechanical advance, magnetic pickup trigger, a vacuum advance (not adjustable), and a high-output circuit board module with a digital tach output. The dielectric cap comes with solid brass terminals and a color-matched wire retainer.


An important feature on all A-Team Performance distributors is the fully adjustable mechanical advance. This allows you to easily modify the distributor to achieve a variety of timing curves. Included with all Pro Series distributors are four bushings of varied size. The bushing determines the mechanical advance the distributor can achieve. Also included are six springs, with two at each level of tension. The springs control the rate at which the distributor reaches the advance.

  • Will not fit computer-controlled applications.
  • Distributor gear is most compatible with cast iron hydraulic or solid flat tappet camshafts; consult cam manufacturer for recommended gear material.
  • A-Team Performance Suggests using our 50,000 Volt E-Coil to Power this Pro Series Distributor. Search our listings for “A-Team Performance E-Coil”.
  • 3.8 L/232 ci
  • 4.0 L/242 ci
  • 4.2 L/258 ci

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