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All Parts Ship FREE in Continental USA! 📦

Tell us about yourself

My name is Matt Case and I'm from Central Valley, California. I have been into cars for long as I remember -- from playing with hot wheels to building model cars to driving a C10 in high school. Now I help put out a car hobby paper, The Old Cars and Motorsports Newspaper. I currently have a 1968 Chevy Camaro, which I have owned for 12 years. This was my dream car while I was growing up. It has been recently upgraded with a complete coil-over suspension system. I enjoy going to car shows, cars and coffee with my dad, and the car club during car show season.

"Old Car Guy"

"Old Car Guy"

The Old Cars and Motorsports Newspaper is for the "old car guy", gear head, hot rodder, and overall motorsports enthusiast in the Central Valley and along the central Californian coast. It is devoted to informing, entertaining, and promoting our hobby and is in a format that displays events that we enjoy attending. It was first published as a 4-page paper in early 1999 with 4 advertisers.

This newspaper is now published 5 times a season from late January through October in order to cover all of the year’s events. The circulation of the paper totals around 35,000 copies. The paper features an event calendar for classic car events, shows, shines, and swaps. There are stories about motorsports and local people that make it happen. It highlights stories about old cars and the industry we love and the regulations that affect it.

What are you currently working on?

What are you currently working on?

My current project is a 1928 Ford Roadster pickup. This is an original running truck. The truck has been in our family since the mid-1950s when my grandfather bought it at a farm auction. Ten years ago my dad and I got it running and driving. We have finished the paint and bodywork along with rewiring and installed a new interior and new bed wood. Now we are going for a major upgrade with a new custom chassis. We will be adding a Chevy 350 automatic transmission, making it a hot rod. We're hoping to have it back on the road before it is 100 years old.

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